The charity sector faces challenges to keep fundraising efforts competitive and authentic while still supporting those who need it most in today's challenging economic climate.

Whether you're looking to engage with major donors, diversify your fundraising income, or revamp your communications strategy, this two-day event offers an unmissable opportunity to learn from industry experts and colleagues who are making a difference in innovative and inspiring ways.

At Third Sector's Fundraising Summit 2023 in person or virtually, you will gain the insights and tools you need to boost your fundraising strategy and enhance your resilience.

Attend in-person

You can take advantage of unique networking opportunities with charity sector leaders, attend live talks, panels, and fireside chats. You can also participate in C-Suite networking sessions, and industry roundtables.

Attend online

Pick and choose from a mix of live and recorded sessions that are most relevant to you.

Don't miss out and discover how to achieve your fundraising goals while staying true to your cause.




  • 2 days of live talks, panels and fireside chats tailored to in-person delegates

  • Unique networking opportunities with charity sector leaders

  • C-SUITE networking - roundtables - special sessions


  • 2 full packed days of a mix of live sessions and popular handpicked recorded sessions from previous events

  • You can pick and choose which sessions are relevant to you

  • FREE to attend