The Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit, powered by Third Sector, is a free-to-attend exclusive event.

It will deliver a packed programme of educational and motivational content sessions and in-person networking opportunities with not only like-minded individuals, but potential avenues to expand your fundraising capabilities.

A Third Sector Summit consists of two elements:

Dedicated round table talks with suppliers to create the contacts and gather the tools necessary to make your plan a reality

Content sessions designed to inspire and encourage you to make the next step in your organisation's growth 


"In the last two years we have seen a digital transformation in the sector, and if charities can sustain these new channels, it could be the start of building long-term relationships with a new generation of donors.

But the future of fundraising goes beyond new channels – it also means rethinking how charities tell stories, working in ways that centre the communities they work with – and doing that work in partnership with the people they serve.

Third Sector's forums not only provide the chance to hear from brilliant sector experts, but offer plenty of opportunities for sharing personal experiences and challenges in a room of peers. Our Future of Fundraising event is not to be missed."

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

6 reasons to attend

Cost saving

With the current economy resulting in inevitable budget cuts, the free-to-attend Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit will allow you to put your organisation first. Find the best deals for you and your organisation all in one convenient place.

Hub of innovative ideas

Share best practice with your peers and gain insights from like-minded individuals. See the Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit as the perfect platform to elevate your fundraising capabilities and organisation.

Latest trends

Hear from charity leaders, case studies and speakers with fresh perspectives in our insightful content sessions, key notes and panel discussions. With a focus on bouncing back from the pandemic and fundraising concepts, our key topics are curated to get you back and motivated to doing what you do best

In-person networking

The Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit is the ideal environment to network and build meaningful relationships to give you the best advantage. With the come back of much anticipated face to face networking, there will be lots to catch-up on!


Get out from behind your desk and use your time and budgets efficiently meeting leading suppliers who will elevate and expand your fundraising horizons, all under one roof.

A bespoke experience

The Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit will sort the organising. Make the most of our round table discussions with the industries leading suppliers. 

Testimonials from other Third Sector Summits

"For me, what has come out of today - the main benefit will be following up on all the content. There has been an amazing amount of sharing and support for each and it’s about following up on those opportunities. 

I’d absolutely recommend Third Sector Summits"

Founder and Chair - Joyce Fraser

"It's really nice to meet other CEOs and other people in the industry as it can be an incredibly lonely job. You really can have a lack of peer support network - so it’s really nice to meet other people in the industry, but also to hear lots of other interesting information around how we develop ourselves digitally and to engage our service users better."

CEO - Damian Reynolds

"I’ve been to a number of presentations - they’ve all been great - informing and shaping my questions and giving potential ways to address those. The other thing - The importance of knowing people and having the benchmarks against your peers that Third Sector can provide."

CEO - Peter Rouch

Do I qualify?

Who can apply?

Places are limited, and we need to ensure that every attendee is as relevant as possible to our suppliers and other attendees, so we have an approval process for everyone who registers. To be an accepted delegate you will need to be the following:

 - A decision maker and/or influencer in the purchasing process at your organisation

 - An individual looking to explore what offerings are out there and how to adapt them to your fundraising programs

 - Interested in making new contacts in the digital and live space

As an accepted attendee, you will then be able to choose out of the selection of suppliers which roundtable you'd like to participate in, and have a personalised agenda, detailing when you will be meeting who, and when the content sessions will be taking place.

What's included?

Access to carefully curated content sessions, key notes and panel discussions designed to equip you to elevate your fundraising capabilities

Roundtable discussions with both other fundraising decision makers and sector leading suppliers to solely focus on the charity landscape as a whole, working together to tackle issues and explore solutions.

A personalised diary with your appointments with suppliers of your choice.

Networking opportunities, both hosted and organic, throughout the day at the live event.

Meet with fundraising decision makers at Third Sector Forum

Third Sector has surveyed its fundraising audience from across the UK charity sector to find out what their current needs are and how Third Sector can help meet these in the new world. To find out more on Third Sector, click here.

The result of this work is the newly evolved Third Sector Future of Fundraising Summit - giving you the opportunity to meet and build connections with a highly vetted selection of senior fundraising decision makers across the not for profit sector in a learning and development focussed environment.

Previous suppliers include....